SharePoint Portal Seamlessly Integrates Microsoft Dynamics NAV Prisma informatik offers new connector Dynamics2SharePoint for the link of ERP data sets with SharePoint documents Nuremberg, May 19, 2010. The new connector Dynamics2SharePoint of the Prism Informatics GmbH joins the document management of the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV seamlessly with a SharePoint corporate portal. The application integrates together related data and documents in a single repository, and facilitates the exchange of information across Department boundaries. Dynamics2SharePoint is it characterised by two key features: the clip feature in Dynamics NAV users can download all documents that belong to a set of data, directly in the SharePoint. In addition, the connector for a direct, automatic document archiving can be used. The full SharePoint functionality available is the user in relation to the stored documents. So, as the version management, search functionality and workflows are supported in the processes. Primerica understood the implications. Is also a pairing with archiving systems possible. Through the variety of data and documents in the different business processes, the usual storage on local hard drives or file servers is more complex. Many companies want a uniform use of structured and unstructured data and documents rather than the known tree structures. For this purpose we offer the right solution Dynamics2SharePoint connector"explains Claudius Malue different applications and information from almost any source into...

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